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CHERRY G80-1800 USB + PS/2 QWERTY US English Black keyboard (G80-1800LPCEU-2)

CHERRY G80-1800, Standard, Wired, USB + PS/2, QWERTY, Black

CHERRY DW 8000 RF Wireless QWERTZ German Silver, White keyboard (JD-0310DE)

CHERRY DW 8000, Standard, Wireless, RF Wireless, QWERTZ, Silver, White, Mouse included

CHERRY KC 1000 SC USB QWERTY UK English Black keyboard (JK-A0100GB-2)

CHERRY KC 1000 SC, Standard, Wired, USB, Mechanical key switch, QWERTY, Black


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CHERRY Gentix Illuminated USB Optical 1000DPI Ambidextrous Black mice (JM-0300)

CHERRY Gentix Illuminated, Ambidextrous, Optical, USB, 1000 DPI, 4.23 oz (120 g), Black

CHERRY MC 1000 USB Optical 1200DPI Ambidextrous Black mice (JM-0800-2)

CHERRY MC 1000, Ambidextrous, Optical, USB, 1200 DPI, 3.17 oz (90 g), Black

Cherry MKT+ Terminal ST-2052 White card reader (ST-2052UGZ)

CHERRY MKT+ Terminal ST-2052, 68.9" (1.75 m), 0.3359 Mbit/s, 0 - 50 °C, -20 - 60 °C, White, 3.62" (92 mm)

CHERRY DW 3000 RF Wireless QWERTZ German Black keyboard (JD-0700DE-2)

CHERRY DW 3000, Wireless, RF Wireless, Mechanical key switch, QWERTZ, Black, Mouse included

CHERRY MC 4000 USB Optical 2000DPI Ambidextrous Black mice (JM-4000)

CHERRY MC 4000, Ambidextrous, Optical, USB, 2000 DPI, 4.59 oz (130 g), Black

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