Icecat the open catalog

How to get started?
Step 1. Create an account
1. Go to https://icecat.biz/registration/
2. Register as a new user
3. Fill in the mandatory fields.
4. Click on submit.
5. Click on the confirmation link in your email and you will be redirected to your login panel in your account.

Important to take into account: NOTE: If the XML format is what you need, don’t forget to add your server IP address (es). Only authorized IP addresses will have server access to the XML data files.

Step 2. Start implementing
1. Download the technical documentation from your login panel, registration email or via our website.
2. Read the URL/XML documentation carefully. It will answer most questions.
3. After creating your account, you can immediately start implementing the Icecat data.
4. Contact us in case that you have any question!

Important to know:
5. If you want a complete solution (e-shop + product content information + connection with your distributors) you can opt for the new ecommerce shop batavi.org that provides you an interesting open source platform with Open Icecat integrated in the back and front office.
6. In the market there are different plugins and modules available for free or for a reasonable price that allow the implementation of Icecat data-sheets on different open source platforms.
7. If you manage a large number of product content and need help with your internal Product Information Management, you can opt for Icecat PIM (also called CMS – Catalog Management System or PDM – Product Data Management). Icecat PIM handles millions of product data-sheets using a XML environment. Icecat PIM is already integrated with data-sheet of the Open Catalog in XML format. You can download it from here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/icecatpim/

If you need support or further information please contact Icecat: http://icecat.biz/menu/contacts/index.html

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