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ICEcat: OnLine Channel up 78%
ICEcat: OnLine Channel up 78%
ICEcat: OnLine Channel up 78%

The online channel is up 78% in 2010 and is recession-proof, concludes ICEcat based on its annual tabulation of the usage of data-sheets of their open catalog project.

During 2010 ICEcat facilitated 874 million data-sheet downloads for products from 5228 different tech brands by more than 12,700 different online channel partners from 87 different countries.

The usage of data-sheets shows HP, Lenovo and Sony are the top three online channels brands of 2010, but Dell has transformed into a fast-growth channel brand. And Samsung is one of the fastest risers.

Suppliers brand Pelikan made an even bigger jump than Dell from rank 131 to 44 and is now the best-performing provider of compatible ink cartridges.

Advanced Cable Technology (ACT, +3797%), Lindy (+1563%) and Vivanco (+1147%) are the top three fast movers in the top 100 of brands measured by ICEcat.

Although notebooks, warranty/support and desktops still dominate, products for security, fun and smaller form factors are changing the game. Among fast-growth categories is also household white goods...

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