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Nokia N8 or H8?
Nokia N8 or H8?
So we’ve got the Nokia N8. And now we also got the H8. We know that handset manufactures often release almost identical devices, but more interesting is when other producers start to offer similar smart phones. Behold the Nokia N8 and the H8 below. They don’t only look the same; the knock-off actually has some not-so-standard-but-interesting features such as dual-sim and TV reception. Can you tell which is which?
You probably did guess correctly: the first one is the N8, the second one the H8. Remarkable fact: the Nokia cost 8 times more than the N8($549 versus $79). From what I read, although a knock-off, the H8 still contains some mention-worthy features. It has 3.8″ touchscreen, which is larger than the Nokia N8′s 3.2″ touchscreen, it’s a dual camera and quad-band phone, support T-Flash Card up to 2GB.More than this,you can watch TV by it. So would it be worth it to wait for Nokia’s price to get down (while new smart phones comes out *sigh*) or to simply buy the H8 now?

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