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Press release - Holbi and ICEcat together in free catalogue for OScommerce users
Martijn Hoogeveen
Press release - Holbi and ICEcat together in free catalogue for OScommerce users
Press release

Holbi and ICEcat together in free catalogue for OScommerce users

Utrecht, NL/Reading, UK, June 6, 2007: Holbi – the leading osCommerce service provider in Europe (mainly UK and Germany) – and ICEcat have joined forces to integrate (free) product content in osCommerce shops. Holbi and ICEcat co-operate in a number of IT channel projects in the UK & Ireland, and are expanding their co-operation to Germany and other European countries. As part of the co-operation Holbi will create plug-ins or contributions for osCommerce, under the GNU open source license, to make it easy for osCommerce users on its platform to integrate (free) open product content.

Open ICEcat is used by around 1500 EMEA resellers, of which approximately 20% make use of osCommerce or siblings like Zencart and xtcommerce. The co-operation with Holbi responds to a growing number of requests from the osCommerce community -with more than 130 000 “members” the single most used webshop platform in the world- to provide easy tools for integrating ICEcat’s open catalogues, which include the leading technology brands like Philips, Sony, Samsung, IBM and HP.

Especially in the IT channel there is a new wave of (B2B) resellers starting with ecommerce. But also in Telecom, Office and Consumer Electronics the channel is digitizing at a fast pace. As margins for online resellers are under constant pressure, there is a huge demand for high-quality product content, without the need for manual data-entry, and against minimal costs. ICEcat can make this happen as currently around 100 mainstream technology manufacturers are sponsoring ICEcat to provide their product content even for free to their channel, as manufacturers want to improve their online “shelf position” now that internet has become the no 1 buyer orientation medium. Every week a new manufacturer joins Open ICEcat (the free product catalogue). In co-operation with Holbi, not only free Open ICEcat, but the full ICEcat database with more than 170 000 datasheets from more than 1200 brands will be disclosed to osCommerce users.

The complete list of Open ICEcat sponsors currently include: 3Com, Ability, Acer, Adobe, AFTC, Allied Data, Allied Telesyn, AMD, Antec, AVM, Avocent, Axis, Belinea, Belkin, Blue Ears, Brother, CA, Canon, Canyon, Case Logic, Club3D, Collax, Conceptronic, D-link, Davilex, Dicota, Dutch Design Trading, E-tech, Easy Disc, Eizo, Epson, Ergotron, ErgoXS, Freecom, Fuji Film, Haier, Hiper, HotBrick, HP, IBM, IDcontrol, Iiyama, Imation, Iomega, Iris, Kaspersky, Kensington, Kingston, KISS, Kodak, Lacie, Lenovo, Lexmark, LG, Linksys, Lite-On, Logitech, Macally, Magix, Map&Travel, McAfee, Medion, MGE, NEC, Netgear, NewStar, NewUniverse, No-Entry, Novell, Nuance, Philips, Phoenix, Pinnacle, PNX, Prestigio, Projecta, Route66, Saitek, Samsung, Seiko Instruments, Sitecom, SMC, Sony, Surfplan, Sweex, Symantec, Targus, DeTelefoongids, Thecus, Toshiba, Trend Micro, US Robotics, ViewSonic, XFX, XXODD, Yusmart, and ZyXEL.

About Holbi
Holbi is an activity of DataLink UK Ltd, a UK-based web development company with its development office located in Ukraine, and sale offices in the USA, Germany, and Australia. Holbi is a leading expert in providing its business customers with Ecommerce solutions based on osCommerce. The development team has a continuous 5 years expertise in authoring osCommerce-based online stores, and has contributed to over 600 osCommerce implementations to date. DataLink UK Ltd also provides customers with its Web DataLink software solutions capable of integrating Ecommerce and accounting and business management software. Expertise in supporting mission-critical ebusiness processes for customers like www.iRexShop.com, www.AdvancedMP3Players.co.uk, and www.ifocus.co.nz, combined with excellent Ecommerce development skills is Holbi's key to success.

About ICEcat
ICEcat.biz was launched in 2003 and has developed rapidly from its Dutch-Ukrainian base, into multilingual and worldwide OpenICEcat. The free OpenICEcat service was launched in December, 2005 with 18 sponsoring manufacturers. The number of sponsors has grown to almost 100 now. The main motivation of manufacturers and the channel to join this concept is to drive channel costs down, and to improve the standardization and quality of product content in the channel. OpenICEcat is ruled by the Open Content License Agreement. ICEcat.biz is providing product content in XML format or via URLs. The content is used in more than 1500 webshops, comparison sites, advisors and ERP systems. Supported languages are: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch. Support of Russian, Danish and Swedish will be live soon.

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