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Dust container type
Dust collected by a vacuum cleaner may be stored in a vacuum cleaner bag (which must be thrown away and replaced by an empty bag) or a some kind of box which can be emptied (known as 'bagless' vacuum cleaners).
Philips FC9076/02 Cylinder vacuum 3L 2000W Blue vacuum (FC9076/02)

Philips FC9076/02, 2000 W, 450 W, 1800 W, Cylinder vacuum, Dust bag, 3 L

Philips FC9214/01 Cylinder vacuum 2L 2000W Black vacuum (FC9214/01)

Philips FC9214/01, 2000 W, 350 W, 1800 W, Cylinder vacuum, Bagless, 2 L

Philips Bag Vacuum Cleaner (FC8610/99)

Philips FC8610/99 Bag Vacuum Cleaner

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