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Philips Performer Active FC8574/09 Cylinder vacuum 4L 650W B Multicolor vacuum (FC8574/09)

Philips Performer Active FC8574/09, 650 W, B, 28.5 kWh, Cylinder vacuum, Dust bag, 4 L


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Bissell BG1001 1380W Black,Green,Silver vacuum (BG1001)

Bissell BG1001, 1380 W, 11.5 A, 120 V, 60 Hz, Black, green, Silver, Air-clean

Philips SmallStar FC8282/51 Cylinder vacuum 1L 1600W Purple vacuum (FC8282/51)

Philips SmallStar FC8282/51, 1600 W, 250 W, Cylinder vacuum, Bagless, 1 L, Purple

Philips PowerPro FC8769/01 Cylinder vacuum 2L 1600W Green vacuum (FC8769/01)

Philips PowerPro FC8769/01, 1600 W, Cylinder vacuum, Dust bag, 2 L, green, Metal

Philips Performer Expert FC8728/09 Cylinder vacuum 5L 650W A Red vacuum (FC8728/09)

Philips Performer Expert FC8728/09, 650 W, A, 27.8 kWh, 650 W, Cylinder vacuum, Dust bag

Philips SHAVER Series 7000 SensoTouch RQ1145/17 Rotation shaver Blue men's shaver (RQ1145/17)

Philips SHAVER Series 7000 SensoTouch RQ1145/17, Rotation shaver, Blue, Battery, Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), 1 h, 5.4 W

Philips Sonicare AdaptiveClean HX9042/07 2pcs Blue,Green,White brushhead (HX9042/07)

Philips Sonicare AdaptiveClean HX9042/07, Blue, green, White

Philips Saeco HD8761/01 Freestanding Espresso machine 1.8L 15cups Black coffee maker (HD8761/01)

Philips Saeco HD8761/01, Freestanding, Espresso machine, Black, Plastic, LCD, 1.8 L

Philips HP6392/00 Black hair trimmers/clipper (HP6392/00)

Philips HP6392/00, Black, 0.945" (2.4 cm), AAA, Alkaline, 3.15" (80 mm), 1.57" (40 mm)

Philips BEARDTRIMMER Series 5000 BT5270/32 Blue,Silver beard trimmer (BT5270/32)

Philips BEARDTRIMMER Series 5000 BT5270/32, 1.26" (3.2 cm), 0.0157" (0.4 mm), 0.394" (1 cm), Blue,...

Philips HAIRCLIPPER Series 7000 QC5380/32 Rechargeable hair trimmers/clipper (QC5380/32)

Philips HAIRCLIPPER Series 7000 QC5380/32, 0.827" (2.1 cm), 0.0197" (0.5 mm), 1.61" (4.1 cm), 75 min,...

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