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Hand-held camcorders allow you to record your own video and make photoshots. You can always have such cameras with you to record the important moments of your life and share them with friends or family. You can even make your own movie!
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სენსორის ტიპი
A sensor is a convertor than measures a physical quality (light, temperature etc.) and displays this electronically on a device.
HD type
Type of supported High Definition (e.g. Full HD, 4K Ultra HD).
დისფლეის დიაგონალი

1,5 " 5
Size of the display for this product, measured diagonally, usually in inches.
ოპტიკური მასშტაბირება

10 60
Indicates the optical zoom capacity, which is the number of times that the picture can be enlarged with the optics of the camera.
ციფრული მასშტაბირება

5 2000
Indicates the digital zoom capacity, the number of times that the picture is enlarged thanks to digital technology.
გამოსახულების სტაბილიზატორი
This camera function compensates for slight shaking movements caused by an unstable position and ensures smooth footage even in suboptimal conditions.
PictBridge is an industry standard introduced in 2003 from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) for direct printing. It allows images to be printed directly from digital cameras to a printer, without having to connect the camera to a computer using common connectivity like USB or Bluetooth.
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Sony HDR-CX440/B Full HD hand-held camcorder (HDR-CX440/B)

Sony HDR-CX440/B, CMOS, 25,4 / 5,8 mm (1 / 5.8"), 1,9 - 57 mm, NAND, MicroSD (TransFlash),MicroSDHC,MicroSDXC,MS... Sony HDR-CX440/B, CMOS, 25,4 / 5,8 mm (1 / 5.8"), 1,9 - 57 mm, NAND, MicroSD (TransFlash),MicroSDHC,MicroSDXC,MS Micro (M2), DCF 2.0,Exif 2.3,MPF more

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